The Republic of Serbia (Republika Srbija) is an inland country in the eastern part of the former Yugoslavia and with no coast to the Adriatic Sea. It comprises the two autonomous provinces of Kosovo and Vojvodina, although in 2008 Kosovo proclaimed its independence. The independence of the Republic of Kosovo was supported by many countries such as USA, UK and France, but not accepted by others such as Serbia and Russia; since Russia holds veto power in the Security Council of the United Nations, this declaration of independence has not yet been accepted by the UN. Serbia has a total area of around 88,000 km2 and a population of around 9,5 millions if we include the population of Kosovo which is nearly 2 millions.

The north of Serbia is part of the Central European Pannonian Plain with the province of Vojvodina occupying one third of the country. These plains are crossed by the river Danube and its tributaries Sava and Tisza and are really fertile lands. The center and southwest and west of Serbia are mountainous with the Dinaric Alps. Finally, along the eastern part of Serbia we can find the Carpathian Mountains.

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