The Kornati Islands, Croatia

The Kornati Islands form the most fragmented archipelago of the entire Mediterranean Sea and they are situated in northern Dalmatia, near Sibenik. The Kornati archipelago is composed by around 140 islands, islets, and rocks with a total area of around 70 km2. Within the surroundings of the Kornati Islands National Park we can find another protected reserve called Telascica, gem of the Croatian nature. It comprises the homonymous gulf, broad and deep, within the Long Island (Dugi otok). The Kornati Islands are famous for the oddness of their forms and for the unusual reliefs’ structures and also for their steep shores.

The greatest part of the surface belongs to the Kornat Island, the biggest, which has given its name to the archipelago. The navigation is very dangerous in this maze of rocks and sea, and therefore, there are numberous old lighthouses scattered around the Kornati Islands, such as the lighthouses of Blitvenica and Sestrice islands, favourite destinations of the new “Robinson Crusoe”.

Still, the greatest lovers of the Kornati islands are the sport fans who find what they like the most here: a sunny labyrinth of sea and islands surrounded by the peace of virgin nature.

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